Surveys and Assessment FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

The energy saving infomation we provide… is delivered to our customers in a simple, easy to use format with no jargon or technical terms!

Our philosophy falls in line with our ( K.I.S.S ) principle - Keep It Simple Services, which applies to everything we do!
The information we gather about your energy saving needs is carefully analysed by our experts and our renewable energy savings solutions are then tailored to your exact needs & requirements.

We deliver the results of our findings to you directly, there and then, in the comfort of your own home or office.

We try to be as flexible as possible and offer free consultations / assessments at a time that is both suitable and convenient to you!
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The information we provide includes free detailed breakdowns of any of the individual aspects of energy saving installations you may wish to know more about without any pressure or commitment to buy anything at that time.

We have proudly operated a safe and relaxed 'no pressure' sales policy since we first started almost 5 years ago!

Your happiness and the trust our customers placed in us means more to our company than the sale of any product. That's our bottom line and it always will be!
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We will be able to explain to you how we have calculated the size of any system(s) that may be appropriate for your needs.

We always supply clear information and operating instructions that explain how you should operate or maintain your system(s).

We provide detailed estimates of how much heat and electricity will be generated by any proposed system(s) you may consider.

We can simply and easily illustrate what this means to you in terms of your current energy supply and needs.

We will also provide you with a free estimate of the savings you can make after any installation is completed based on today’s figures.
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We only use installers who are certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) who use MCS-certified products.

All plumbers dealing with gas installations, connections or disconnections are CORGI approved.

All of the electrians we supply are NICEIC qualified and approved.
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By providing free 'matter of fact' practical help and advice from across today’s eco-industry you will find us an invaluable renewable energy resource!

All our fully qualified, time served, and trusted sales staff and tradesmen will put you streets ahead of the standard general advice usually provided by other websites.

To be fully impartial means to know the market inside and out, to know what suppliers inside and outside of the various associations, federations and trusts end up actually supplying and delivering by talking first-hand to those that really matter. You! The renewable energy customer!

Our website and advisers enable you to cut through the mis-information, and dodge twhat is out of date. With SES you can simply focus on getting the maximum benefits from renewable energy in the least possible time!
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In some cases you can generate income by selling your surplus energy back to your energy provider.

Instead of having to buy all of your energy requirements from domestic or business utility suppliers, you can subsidise the amount you require or entirely replace the need for them with renewable energy.

You will be helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as renewable energy is often also called or referred to as micro energy generation and low-carbon energy.

You will be reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy. This means a reduction to home or business energy bills as self generated energy is cheaper to produce.

You will be creating new jobs in renewable energy industries. The renewable energy industry is made up largely of small to mid sized local businesses and enterprises.

By buying a renewable energy solution you can feel good in knowing you are supporting the growth of a sustainable wholesome & progressive industry in your local area and Scotland.

You will be reducing your energy bills. By having to buy less energy (due to needing less energy) at MAINSTREAM consumer or business tariffs your bills will always be lower than your neighbours!

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